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Business Development, Marketing and Design

TGC is an eco-minded and modern marketing solutions, web design and software development firm. We specialize in the conception of marketing concepts, design of marketing collateral, logos, web sites and business applications. Our goal is to help you communicate to your target audience with clarity and effectiveness.

Our approach to marketing is deeply rooted in your foundation, basically the "why" you do what you do and what makes you unique as a company. Starting with an interview with key employees and management, then your clients in order to get a full picture of how you view your own company and how your customers view you. Next we dive into the root of your company, your unique value propostion. From here we can start to build on your foundation, wordsmith your mission statement and set goals and objectives that you want to achieve.

We provide significant valuable experience in marketing enviromentally and sustainably focused business concepts. We have been fortunate enough to be in the "green" marketing field since 2003, before green was popular. We have made decisions over the past few years that make us proud in the work we do, how we do it, and the level of conciousness that is rare. We are proud to offer clean design, green web hosting, FSC and SFI Certified printing and our experience in working with many green minded companies.

We use the most modern and talked about Web 2.0 technologies, including All Blog platforms, Ruby on Rails, PHP, CSS, RSS, Ajax, JavaScript, Flash as well as other programming languages and development platforms.

We simply build things that provide functionality to help promote and sell your products and services. We build Web Sites, Content Management Systems, Brand Portals, Photo Archives, Print Shops, Fulfillment Portals, Inventory Managment Systems, Shopping Carts and a few other types of projects, like print on demand portals and custom software applications.

If you are an Ad Agency, Architect, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Artist or Art Gallery, please visit (Patents Pending) to learn more.

If you are an Ad Agency, Commercial Printer, Sign Shop, Photolab or any other type of graphic services company then you are a good candidate for our W2P solutions. You can learn more at (Patents Pending). Please contact us for a demonstration on what we can build for you. Once you arrive at, click on Storefront Demo.

Our Work

The Growth Cycle Designs

Our Aim.

We aim to satisfy your curiosity in learning more about the web. The "Post dot com" internet is more about communication, commerce and publishing than anything else, commonly referred to as Web 2.0 (two point oh). This change in how the internet is used to communicate brought about some amazing and common sense technologies. These technologies allow you to better communicate with your online audience, and in the case that you integrate transactional functionality on your website, like a blog, message board, feedback forms, get a quote forms, or e-commerce storefront, your customers can communicate with you as well.

We are currently developing applications and community based portals using Ruby on Rails, PHP and some other appropriate languages, however it is our architecture, design and ability to extract the information you want to communicate that makes us a leader in creating value added applications for you.

We have created several of our own applications that will make your life easier, and make better use of online technologies in order to Grow your business. Checkout these applications to see what we are capable of, Focal Suite, Animooz, Pretzels Direct and Click Print Ship.

Your website needs to offer fresh, reliable, meaningful content and provide the tools to do it.

Fresh: Bring news, updates, press coverage, progress, desires, needs, goals and inspirations for your group, shop, company or area of interest to the forefront of your vision and therefore online as your publishable & editable web presence. Learn how...

Reliable: You must be believable in what you are saying, you must have walked the walk, and should be able to talk the talk to those that want to learn about you or your organization, hobby, shop or enterprise, voice, opinion or self-expressionist web site.

Meaningful: Get your point across, it is very hard, but let people know what you want them to take away from your site quickly and prominently, and don’t make your customers think, see our suggested reading list.

We build sites that keep your visitors with you. Mainly we give you the tools to keep your content fresh, reliable and meaningful. We give you content management systems and fresh beautiful experiences that engage and hold the attention of your visitors and we build some nifty e-commerce sites as well. Click on any of these links to see design examples of our work. Mindy's Munchies, Phoenix Marketing,, Viewfinder, Zen Garden, Dr. Rubin's Blog, Pretzel's Direct, just to name a few.

Learn more about the technologies we use...