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“The Growth Cycle designed a new website for us in exactly the style we had envisioned, but even better. Their project managers and engineers translated our vision into a cohesive, effective website that fortified our company’s web presence. Through communication and responsiveness, they bridged the gap between ideas and finished product. We were always able to reach them and they completed each phase of the project on or ahead of schedule. It was very easy to communicate with them and they made the project a pleasure. We wanted something very cutting-edge without it costing a fortune. The results exceeded our expectations!” — Phoenix Marketing International

Peer Review

Accolades by our peers, a highly active group that researches and posts information, accolades and brutally honest opinions via weblogs and other popular web publishing tools.

1) 37signals/Signals vs. Noise; (The CPS beta site) gets real Matt 19 Jul 2005

ES writes in to tell us about, the e-commerce site his team launched after getting some inspiration from our Building of Basecamp workshop. …I’d been trying to develop an ecommerce project for about six months, and after attending the building of basecamp in September of last year I felt I knew exactly what I needed to do. We formed the team we needed in January, and six months later with five people working varying degrees of part time we launched half a product that we’re proud of: The “half a product” bit he refers to is our advice to build half a product, not a half-assed product (i.e. build something small and improve that before you start adding on additional features). Jason talked about this in his recent How to make big things happen with small teams presentation. Also, developer Lucas Carlson has a blog post about how they used Ajax to improve the customer experience. Read the blog post


A complex task made easy by Noam Sohachevsky Ordering business cards is difficult. There are so many options. These dudes make it look easy: Another great web service somehow related to the prolific 37 signals. Read the blog post

3) Technoblog: User interface, a better way explained.

Programmer teaches us why user interface matters and why make sense and works well.


Print Promotion: (The CPS beta site) I work in printing - not much innovation happens in this industry; if ever. I had an idea, a few months back, for a Ruby on Rails run printing site. There’s an industry that would benefit immediately with the advancement of Ruby on Rails in Portland - the printing industry. The solutions vendors are marketing in this region suck. Yep. That’s right, they suck! The majority are built on .asp mid-90’s technology. If someone could create a Ruby on Rails solution for print collateral management in the Portland-Metro area, you’d do quite well undercutting the asp, .NET and Java solutions currently being peddled. has just launched. Inspiration for the ecommerce site was pulled from a Building Basecamp workshop. I love the critique of the crap-tastic javascript calculator, and I applaud his solution to the problem. Congrats guys! It looks great. Keep putting the pressure on the old-school printers; they do most everything wrong and they just won't die off. Read the blog post

5) Helen.Rysavy at writes,

Hello everyone Site of the day “Nicely designed site”


How many Web 2.0 APIs are there? Even if there was an agreed-upon definition the list would quickly be incomplete. Do you see inaccuracies or things that need clarification here? See ways to make this site better? I can use your help. Please use the Comments form for this entry to let me know what I’ve missed, what’s new, corrections, or improvements. Others:,,,,,, Some of the above may also not be considered fully web 2.0. You ought to run through everything at Comment by: Brandon - September 6th, 2005 at 6:02 am Read the blog post