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Technologies Explained

Web Standards - yes there is a better way.

In order for the greatest number of people to use the web, a simple set of rules was needed.

In order to make the development of that set of rules *realistic* it needed to be done with a reasonable amount of flexibility.

Web Standards are the set of rules created in order to make developing websites accesible to the widest possible audience.

Web standards technologies and practices provide many advantages for web development projects.

These rules allow for greater audiences and higher levels of efficiency no matter which browser platform you choose to utilize.

Web Standards Technologies:

XHTML: The way that you enter and format information into your website.

CSS: The way that you style that information. This technology allows you to separate text data (content) from graphic elements, allowing for design changes to be done much more easily.

RSS: Short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. This very useful technology allows you to publish information and others to retrieve it using a technology application called a News Aggregator, or News Reader.

Programming / Development / Web Applications: We use different types of programming based on the exact needs that the client has, we evaluate each site and always keep our options open. There is usually a best practice that rears its head once we hav a complete understanding of what functionality needs to be developed.

  • Usability - get people where they want to go, facilitate a sale of your product/service, and or get/give the information that you want.
  • Simplicity - Clear Concise Communication. (The 3 C's) get results.
  • Beauty by design - CSS creates fast loading designs and navigation, developed to be manageable without interfering with content and vice versa.
  • Using The Growth Cycle - We utilize these technologies for the right reasons, not because they are neat or cool, but because they provide serious tools to help your business grow and communicate. These tools used in connection with each other allow you to build communities and loyalty from your customers and prospects.