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Our Work

We build sites that keep your visitors with you. Mainly we give you the tools to keep your content fresh, reliable and meaningful. We give you content management systems and fresh beautiful experiences that engage and hold the attention of your visitors and we build some nifty e-commerce sites as well. Click on any of these links to see examples of our work. Mindy's Munchies, Phoenix Marketing,, Viewfinder, Zen Garden, Dr. Rubin's Blog, Pretzel's Direct, just to name a few.

We have a distinct philosophy about web development. We do so in order to produce consistent results for our clients. We are part of a world that is fighting hard to constantly improve a set of standards that ensure the highest levels of usability, control and relevance.

The things that contribute to usability are whether or not your web site is designed using right technologies for your specific needs. The tools we use accomplish this by keeping the graphic elements and textual elements seperate from each other in order to allow each to be edited and altered individually by you, the user, and not only a technician, without effecting the other in any way.

There are many ways to accomplish this, and in most cases there is a best practice once the scope of your web marketing needs are communicated to us. We ask that you contact us to communicate those elements that will make up the scope of your project, it also helps us to calculate the costs of design, function and content that will need to be included in the end result.

Samples of our work are available upon request in a guided tour online or in person, we do this because much of the magic that we create is not viewable on public sites, the magic in a well developed web site or application is usually found behind the scenes and are what control the site and make it manageable. Until recent years this was thought to be impossible.

We create management tools for the web that allow the least technical users the greatest control over content and graphics.

We encourage our clients to take control, and we educate them so they are comfortable doing so. Today's web is more simplistic and realistic in its approach. And with Web Standards that have been developed to ensure such reality and simplicity, you can take control.